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Day 173 Mount Cook, New Zealand

Monday 28th November 2005

sunny 25 °C

Another day where I was looking to set off early but again thanks to all the noise and moving about in the room last night I didn’t sleep very well. Eventually I was ready to leave and once outside I soon noticed how warm it was and knew it was going to be a hard days walking. The first part of the track is reasonably flat but once you get to the Sealy Tarns turnoff it soon rises up and pretty drastically and some of the track is fairly dangerous in areas and you wouldn’t want to lose your footing or it would be a long fall to the bottom, but the views you soon got were pretty amazing and well worth the hard work. But then a major disaster occurred, I had already used up one bottle of drink to get me to Sealy Tarns and still had a fair distance to go and when I went for my second bottle I realized I hadn’t filled it up the night before. A dilemma occurred now did I push on for the top knowing the views would be awesome or was it safer to make my way down with no water left. I initially continued up to a point where I reached the snow but still had some distance to go and the snow was pretty deep and I wasn’t prepared to get wet feet in the process so I made the decision to walk back down the track. At first I was a bit pissed off but once back at the information centre and on flat land I knew I had made the right choice seeings as the sun was still very hot and I was already feeling dehydrated.
After a quick visit to the café and gulping down an orange juice and lemonade I then got back to the hostel and was feeling exhausted but happy I had at least got out for a good long walk.
That night I was quite looking forward to having an early night but an English woman who had just checked in said would I like to go to the pub for a beer or two so the early night soon went out of the window and I enjoyed a few beers before stumbling back to my bed.

Copy of Re..768 (2).jpg
View from Mueller Hut track

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View from Mueller Hut track

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View from Mueller Hut track

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