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Day 178 Christchurch, New Zealand-Sydney, Australia

Saturday 3rd December 2005

sunny 30 °C

Yet another different country to fly to today although having said that we nearly didn’t make it. The flight wasn’t meant to be till 6.30pm so we booked a shuttle bus for 3pm so we would arrive with plenty of time to spare. Before that though to waste away a few hours we sat in the pub and played pool and had a few drinks and then had one last walk around before heading back to the hostel. The driver of the bus turned up around 2.30pm so seeings as we had nothing to do except hang around the hostel we got to the airport earlier than planned and within minutes we were damn glad we had arrived early because as we tried to check in they told us our flight had been cancelled 3 months ago. Now the strange thing is we actually went into a Quantas office 2 days ago to change Jill’s meal to vegetarian and they hadn’t told us anything about the cancelled flight at that time.
Then it was panic stations as there was a flight to Sydney (the last one of the day) that had room on it for us and was leaving in the next 15 minutes so we got our bags checked in and then had to run to the gate to catch our flight. Luckily for the Quantas staff things actually worked out for us because before that I was at boiling point and ready to give somebody a few stern words.
Anyway around 3 hours later we landed in Australia and got a bus to the hostel we were staying in for the next 5 days which was Eva’s Backpackers Hostel in Kings Cross. Within minutes of me dumping my bags in my room I met Alex a guy from Amsterdam who said he was then off to a football match to see Sydney play Melbourne. So without any hesitation when he asked me if I fancied joining him we found out where the game was being played and walked down to the stadium.
The tickets for the game were $18/£8.50 which compared to the matches in England is dirt cheap as it usually costs me £37 and once in the stadium I was pretty impressed with it. As the match kicked off I guess there must have been around 10,000 people in the stadium and it has a capacity of 40,000 people, however once we started talking to an Aussie guy he actually said there only used to be around 150-200 people watch them play and what happened was they merged several teams from Sydney together and then built a new stadium. As the game went on you could certainly tell the standard of football was pretty poor and you could also say that about the referee who seemed to forget what yellow cards were for especially when one player proceeded to virtually take someones head off with his boot. However you couldn’t say the fans were not passionate as even though there were not many here they certainly knew how to enjoy themselves, although im not sure why they have to proceed in throwing there beers cups full of beer up in the air when either someone scores or comes close to scoring, definitely a waste of good alcohol.
Into the second half and the game really exploded and the referee actually managed to find his yellow cards and I couldn’t believe the amount of dirty tackles that were going on, but then I managed to recognize a player I knew and wasn’t surprised at all to see him in the book and the supporters hurling abuse at him. That player is Kevin Muscat an Aussie who used to play English football and who also put an end to a few footballers playing career thanks to his suicidal/leg breaking tackles. In the end the game finished Sydney 2 Melbourne 1 and we made our way back to the hostel after a very entertaining day.
What i didnt actually realise till i got back home was Dwight Yorke the ex Manchester United and Aston Villa player also played for Sydney that night.

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Sydney Football Staduim

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Sydney fans celebrating their win

A crazy Sydney fan

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