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Day 50 Washington DC-Cincinnati, USA

Thursday 29th July 2005

sunny 28 °C

Drove to Mason, Cincinnati to meet one of Simon’s university friends Janice and stay at her house for a few days with her husband Briggs and their little man Tyler. Even though we were all fairly tired it didn’t stop us going out that night, and it turned out to be a very nice and enjoyable night to. Janice’s best friend Shelly joined us tonight and lets just say she is a very very nice and a lovely person. We headed out for some food and then headed over to a bar to meet Janice’s friend Ryan and some of his mates. On the way back Janice made friends with the highway by vomiting all over it, and thank god I wasn’t drunk like the time in Washington. Eventually after a great night I crashed out at 6.30am.

Briggs, Janice, Jill, Me, Shelly

Shelly and Janice

Tyler (Janices And Briggs little man)

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Day 49 Washington DC, USA

Wednesday 27th July 2005

sunny 36 °C

Managed to get up reasonably early and we decided to do the hop on/hop off bus tour seeing the sights we missed out yesterday.The bonus is you get a better look around places you wouldnt normally notice like where Ronald Reagan was shot.First was a look around the National Cathedral which is one of the highest points in Washington and gives you great views over the city.Then onto Georgetown where theres some great places to go shopping and down to the canal where there was a barge being pulled horses.Next we headed over to the White House and it was suprisingly how close you can get to the front of it,and how close it is to the centre of downtown.Pretty much the rest of the places we passed we had seen yesterday but it was still a worthwhile trip.

Reece's Photos 501.jpg
Jefferson Memorial

Reece's Photos 499.jpg
The White House

Reece's Photos 497.jpg
The White House

Reece's Photos 492.jpg

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Day 48 Washington DC, USA

Tuesday 26th July 2005

sunny 36 °C

Massive Hangover today and more piss taking from Jill.We had originally planned on getting up early and go on the bus trip around but neither Simon or I felt well enough till at least till 12pm and by then it was roasting hot.Still we did manage to see quite alot in the day but did alot of sitting down drinking and having rests.We walked past the FBI Building before heading to the US Capitol Building and then spent an hour and a half outof the heat in the Air and Space Museum.Next was a walk over to the Washington Monument and World War II Memorial which was very impressive and then the Lincoln Memorial.We had thought about sticking around to see everything light up in the dark but were all to tired by then.

Reece's Photos 489.jpg
Lincoln Memorial

Reece's Photos 486.jpg
Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool

Reece's Photos 480.jpg
World War II Memorial

Reece's Photos 479.jpg
World War II Memorial

Reece's Photos 475.jpg
Washington Monument

Reece's Photos 473.jpg
Smithothian Castle

Reece's Photos 466.jpg
US Capitol Building

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Day 47 Philadelpia-Washington DC, USA

Monday 25th July 2005

sunny 38 °C

Stopped off for a short while in Baltimore much to Jill and my disgust but due to the heat and nothing to see we continued the drive to Washington.Yet more fun at the hostel we had booked into as the 6 bed dorms we had thought we were staying in didnt exist and all they had were 9 bed dorms with the beds being stacked 3 high.And guess whos on top risking breaking his neck by falling out of bed because theres no safety rail to protect me from falling out.YES ME.
Which brings me to the events of monday night.
Jill got chatting to James a guy from wales at the hostel and all 4 of us went out for a meal first followed by going into a pub across the road from the hostel.Initially i thought it would be a quiet drink or two and especially as it was empty but how wrong i was.Between Simon and i we bought 3 rounds of drinks but the barman proceeded to give us either free beer or shots to drink.It wasnt long before simon and james were being sick in the pub shortly followed by me.Jill on the other hand paid me back for the other night and was laughing at both of us with her feeling fine.Stumbling to the hostel around 1.30am i managed somehow to get into bed nearly standing on a womens head in the process but after 5 minutes felt very ill and made it to the toilet and ended up waking up at 5am on the floor of the toilet.

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Day 46 Philadelphia, USA

Sunday 24th July 2005

sunny 32 °C

Nobody was to sure what to expect in Philadelphia.I had researched it last night and hadnt found anywhere i really wanted to go and see.We were fairly central with the hotel we were staying in and everything was a fairly short walkaway.First we went to see the Liberty Bell which is now in a small building next to Independence Hall,then had a walk around looking for other places sites to see and stumpled across the steps that sylvester stallone ran up in Rocky III.The pinnacle of the trip so far.Only joking!!!!!!

Reece's Photos 457.jpg
The Rocky III Steps

Reece's Photos 433.jpg
Independence Hall

Reece's Photos 434.jpg
Liberty Bell

Reece's Photos 438.jpg

Reece's Photos 439.jpg
JFK Plaza Memorial

Reece's Photos 459.jpg
Philadelphia Art Gallery

Reece's Photos 451.jpg
Philadelphia Art Gallery

Reece's Photos 448.jpg
World War II Memorial

Reece's Photos 446.jpg

Reece's Photos 445.jpg

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Day 45 Atlantic City/Philadelphia, USA

Saturday 23rd July 2005

sunny 30 °C

Woke up with a throbbing headache around 4am but after eventually find some headache tablets in the bottom of my rucksack it had nearly disappeared by the time i woke up again at 10am.Suprisingly i didnt feel as ill as i thought i would considering i was drinking from 6pm to 2am.After the short drive to philadelphia with Jill being sick enroute (oh and it was just us 2 out on the beers last night) the rest of the day was spend crashed out in the hotel.

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Day 44 Atlantic City, USA

Friday 22nd July 2005

sunny 33 °C

A chilled out day walking around the few shops they have here followed by one hell of a night drinking cocktails,beer and some other drink that a couple in a bar bought us containing half a pint of guinness and then a shot glass with jaimesons whisky and baileys which you drop in the guinness glass and down in one.Mine was down in seconds but suprisingly Jill struggled with hers and well thats just say after looking at her face afterwards she looked very much the worse for wear.Thats all happened in the Irish Pub where we are staying and also that night i met some fantastic people including Andrew,Jeremy and their mates out on a batchelor party.(Good luck with the wedding jeremy).

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Day 43 New York/Atlantic City, USA

Thursday 21st July 2005

sunny 30 °C

Time to move on again even though you could spend weeks in New York and still find new places to visit.What can i say about Atlantic City? Well it certainly wasnt my prefered choice thats for sure.Casinos dont interest me at all and i dont see the fascination in spending all day in them lik some people do.The benefits were though that we were right next to the beach and we could get very cheap drinks in the bar below where we are staying.

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Day 42 New York, USA

Wednesday 20th July 2005

sunny 34 °C

I decided to have a day to myself today. After walking through Central Park yesterday and seeing loads of runners and cyclists I had the buzz again to don my running gear, its just a shame I didn’t have the bike with me. The heat was unbearable and at first my shins started hurting but once id done a lap around the reservoir I was feeling better and then headed over to ‘Strawberry Fields’ garden and mosaic in honour of John Lennon. After feeling very hot and tired by then I casually walked the 34 blocks back to the hostel to relax for a few hours.As it was our last night here we headed down to Times Square to take some photos as you can see.

Reece's Photos 428.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 427.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 426.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 424.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 423.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 418.jpg
Times Square

Reece's Photos 422.jpg
Rockerfeller Center

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Day 41 New York, USA

Tuesday 19th July 2005

sunny 34 °C

Possibly one of the Top 5 best days of the trip so far. Yet another tall building for me today, this one being The Empire State Building. It stands at a height of 1,454 feet or 86 floors and the last 6 floors we walked up to save us queuing. It didn’t seem that high at all really and although we had fairly poor visibility it was still possible to get some great views of New York. I did the audio tour which was also well worth the extra money and it gave a very good insight into all the different places to see and a short history on them to like where the Titanic should of docked.

Reece's Photos 393.jpg
The metal high fence was where the Titanic was meant to dock

Reece's Photos 406.jpg
Looking down on New York from the Empire State Building

Reece's Photos 399.jpg
Chrysler Building seen from the Empire State Building

Reece's Photos 398.jpg
View from the Empire State Building

Reece's Photos 390.jpg
View from the Empire State Building

Next was a walk around Maceys the largest store in the world but for once I managed to keep my credit card in my pocket. After eating we rushed over to meet Nancy who is a friend of Simon and Jill and she took us on a very enjoyable walk firstly back to her apartment followed by all 4 of us and her dog Nathan walking along the river. It is so much more enjoyable when someone local is showing you points of interest that you wouldn’t normally see. The night came to a very nice end by having a lovely Vietnamese meal followed by a beer listening to a very entertaining blues band.

Reece's Photos 413.jpg
Alice in Wonderland statue in a park in New York

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Day 40 New York, USA

Monday 18th July 2005

sunny 32 °C

Did not wake up till around 10.30am after not getting much sleep the previous 2 nights. On the list of places to see today were Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood, The Statue Of Liberty and The Brooklyn Bridge. Standing at Ground Zero/The World Trade Centre was really strange and its really hard trying to imagine these two huge towers once standing here if you never saw them in real life and especially now when its just one huge hole. Some buildings around it are still being rebuilt or repaired and that’s after nearly 4 years later.

Reece's Photos 348.jpg
Globe that was retrieved from one of the twin towers

Reece's Photos 344.jpg
Where the towers once stood

Reece's Photos 341.jpg
Memorial Cross from the Twin Towers

Reece's Photos 339.jpg
Memorial Cross from the Twin Towers

Reece's Photos 338.jpg
World Trade Center Station

Reece's Photos 337.jpg
World Trade Center Station and behind where the twin towers once stood

After that we headed down to see about going over to Liberty Island where the Statue Of Liberty stands but then we decided to go on a boat trip that took us on a 1 hour sightseeing tour. We had fantastic views of The Empire State Building and Chrysler Tower and many other skyscrapers of New York, and then past Ellis Island and The Statue Of Liberty before going under The Brooklyn Bridge and then back to shore. It was definitely worth the $12 we paid considering going up the statue is about the same price and according to Simon the queues are always horrendous and you get a split second to look through 3 small scratched windows and that’s it.

Reece's Photos 388.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge

Reece's Photos 366.jpg
Statue of Liberty

Reece's Photos 358.jpg
Ellis Island

Reece's Photos 379.jpg
New York skyscrapers

Reece's Photos 352.jpg
New York skyscrapers

Reece's Photos 351.jpg
New York

Reece's Photos 350.jpg
New York

Reece's Photos 349.jpg
New York

Reece's Photos 386.jpg
Lighthouse from where the titanic was meant to dock

Reece's Photos 385.jpg
New York

Reece's Photos 384.jpg
New York Stock Exchange Building

Reece's Photos 383.jpg
George Washington Statue

Reece's Photos 381.jpg
Wall Street

Reece's Photos 380.jpg
World War 2 Statue

We took in a few more sights after that like walking down Wall Street and past The Federal Reserve Bank before heading to a bar that Simon and Jill had been to on there last trip here. Just before we were about to leave to head back to the hostel 2 women from New Jersey asked us if we would like another drink, which funnily enough didn’t take us a lot of persuading, so we stuck around for an hour or so. Instead of heading back and getting changed we all decided to stay out for the night and then as usual found the nearest bar.

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Day 39 Boston-New York, USA

Sunday 17th July 2005

sunny 30 °C

I drove into New York while Simon navigated and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined although having said that it is Sunday and we are about 3 miles from downtown. Parking though was another matter as on certain days they sweep the roads so we had to keep driving around before we eventually found somewhere. Finding a needle in a haystack springs to mind and would be easier. The hostel we had booked into ‘Jazz on the Park’ had good reviews so we were hoping it would be nice but how wrong we were. The staff were not very helpful and to make matters worse they put us in a 12 bed room the size of a rabbit hutch until we complained and told them we had booked a 4 bed room. Still at least we were in New York and once we were sorted and changed we headed downtown. My first experience of New York was the subway, it makes London Underground look like a palace and so hi-tech. It wasn’t the nicest of experiences but upon getting downtown we headed to Times Square. The lights and tall buildings are the first thing that hit you and I stood open mouthed for awhile trying to take everything in. Its so hard explaining whats its really like unless you’ve seen it for yourself before, and then the amount of people for a Sunday night was unbelievable. Eventually I started coming to terms with where I really was and the size of it and we managed to relax in a bar before heading back to the hostel.

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Day 38 Boston, USA

Saturday 16th July 2005

sunny 32 °C

Walked around the grounds of Harvard University and spent the rest of the day booking places to stay in advance.

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Day 37 Boston, USA

Friday 15th July 2005

sunny 31 °C

Not too much to write about today.Simon and Jill went to the cinema and i sat on Boston Common reading my book and then had a walk around the shops.We did find the 'Cheers' pub where the tv programme was made and had a pint there but to be honest after having good impressions on this place at first theres not really to much to see here.Although the hostel is very nice.My mind at the moment is on the Tour De France though which im missing soooooooooooo much,but when i do have an internet connection at least i get live audio commentary.

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Day 36 Boston, USA

Thursday 14th July 2005

sunny 30 °C

After getting here fairly late and then settling into the hostel and then chatting to our aussie room mate Mac we were suprisingly all up fairly early and just made breakfast in time before 10am,although the choice was pretty poor.
We did the usual walkabout tour of the place that normally happens on the first day and then followed the Freedom Trail around Boston which takes you to several landmarks,although to be honest most were pretty boring ie things like churches mainly.It doesnt really seem to have to much to offer here in the way of seeing things.The trail took us to the USS Constitution warship and the Bunker Hill Monument but nowhere else interested me to much.
Upon getting back to the hostel i didnt realise how badly i had caught the sun and my neck was glowing red so i spent some time smothered in aftersun.
The bargain of the day was spotted by our aussie room mate who noticed the pizza parlour around the corner doing pitchers of beer for $4 compared to around the usual $11-$15 we paid.So the 4 of us sat down on the patio and all got drunk and to our benefit the guys working there kept bringing us out free beer as well.After a fabulous night out i crashed out at 3.30am.

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